IC Satellites & Aerials TV Distribution Systems.

We install Multi-Point Satellite & Terrestrial television systems, distributing throughout multi occupancy properties, including IRS, MATV & SMATV.

We can supply & install Freeview stand alone systems which are non subscription.
Practically all modern televisions purchased have Freeview tuner built in, making this the most popular & cost effective system we install.

Or a Freeview & Sky distribution system which incorporates both TV products down one cable & gives the customer freedom & flexibility of viewing either systems throughout the property.



All television systems can be installed to meet customer requirements.

Freeview distribution
This system is fed directly from the aerial via a splitter or amplifier, (depending on signal strength) then neatly & discreetly cabled into the required number of rooms.
Freeview & Sky distribution.
This is also very popular type of system that IC Satellites & Aerials install.
By configuring the cables in a certain way it will save the customer having additional Sky multi room subscriptions, as both Freeview & Sky are transmitted down one cable & are unloaded by the TV to be viewed.
IRS: Integrated Reception System
An IRS is a system that will supply Terrestrial, Satellite, DAB & FM radio signals through a single cable to an appropriate type of wall plate inside the property.

All signal receiving equipment ie.. Aerial, Satellite dish etc.. is cabled & connected to multi-switches which in turn stacks the signals & sends them down the single cable to the wall plate.
Once connection is made to the customers equipment they can start viewing immediately, its as simple as that.
This type of TV system is ideal for multi occupancy buildings, because the choice is left to the customer,
as each occupier is free to decide either Terrestrial (Freeview) or Satellite (Freesat & Sky) television.

Latest technology breakthroughs, mean, now its even possible to supply twin satellite systems like Sky+ HD through single cables, in existing installations (as long as the cable is in good working order) minimising disruption & mess.

MATV: Master Antenna Television
A lot of commercial premises like hotels, offices, etc.. now have some form of cabled system which supplies various different programmes and information services.

These ‘Multi Point’ distribution systems, are normally a form of MATV system (Master Antenna Television) & may vary in size and structure, which can be tailored to suite the clients requirements.

A high gain aerial is installed to the premises, along with a launch amplifier to distribute the signal ensuring minimum inference throughout.
Customers also have the choice of inserting other features like video information, radio etc.

SMATV: Satellite Master Antenna Television
This is simply the same as the MATV system, but by virtue of the name it has Satellite signals incorporated into it.
So, the user can benefit from both Terrestrial & Satellite television.

SMATV systems, are increasingly being installed in hotels & multi-occupancy buildings to give a wider scope of viewing
capabilities, for multi nationals & uk residents alike.

A larger type of satellite dish (60cm – 1.2m) is normally be required & can be installed discreetly as possible to maximise signal strength.

All three television systems can be installed by IC Satellites & Aerials to meet the customers requirements.

IC Satellites & Aerials can deliver a bespoke installation, with careful consultation we can tailor the system to your specific requirements. Contact us for a no obligation quotation.