I’ve got Sky & I want to watch it in another room, is this possible?
Yes, by running a cable from the Sky box to television you want & simply tuning it in.
But, on modern televisions be sure to tune the analogue side, as this is where you’ll find Sky, normally at the end of the scan as Sky boxes have a RF default setting of Channel 68 & the TV scans from Channel 21 to 69.
Can I operate a Sky box whilst in another room & how is it done?
Yes, you can operate the box by installing a Magic Eye on the end of the cable & connecting it to the TV.
Ensuring the light on magic eye is illuminated, as this is the 9v which is sent from the Sky box & is required for it to function correctly.
Using a Magic Eye from a Sky+ HD box, will I get HD quality pictures?
No, the only way to get HD quality pictures in adjacent rooms, is to run a separate HDMI cable from your box to the television, as normal coaxial cable will only give standard definition pictures through the system.
How many televisions can be viewed from one Sky box?
Anything up 16 televisions can be set up through one Sky box, using a Sky compatible distribution box &
16 is the largest amount of outputs.
Can I connect up my Sky Digibox to my aerial and use it to receive Freeview?
No, you cannot use a Sky Digibox for Digital Terrestrial Television.
However, you can get many of the channels available on Freeview through digital satellite for free.
If I cancel my Sky subscription will I get any channels at all?
Yes, you’ll get all the free-to-air channels providing the viewing card is kept, otherwise certain channels are scrambled.
How do I get Freeview in Chesterfield?
You can get Freeview through any TV, even the old black & white sets as long as it has either a scart or an aerial socket.
Then either purchase a Freeview digi-box (as cheap as £15) or buy a new TV, as the majority of new TV’s have Freeview integral to the set.
How many channels will I receive on Freeview?
You will receive a number of channels depending on the area you live in & the transmitter you receive your signal.
But, the optimum amount of channels on Freeview is well over 100 now. Like ITV 2, E4 Sky News, Dave & many more.
Click on link below to check the availabity in your area.
What is the difference between Freesat and Freeview?

Freesat is a satellite based service. Freeview is a terrestrial based service. That is, with Freesat the TV signal comes from a satellite & you need a satellite dish & a satellite receiver to pick up this signal. With Freeview, the TV signal comes from a broadcasting antenna near you & you can pick up the signal with a rooftop aerial on your house & a terrestrial Freeview receiver, although most modern TV’s have Freeview built-in so it often works out a cheaper choice.

I’ve got Freeview & want to record my favourite show, how will I do this?
Set top boxes are available with built in digital records so there’s no need to mess with timers etc.
Unlike Satellite TV you only need one cable to be able to record one channel while watching another.
But, you can easily connect your VCR or DVD recorder to a set top box if it has a scart socket.
Why is it with Freesat you must have 2 cables from your dish?
Because DTT/Freeview is broadcast using single frequency band/polarisation, the signal can be easily split to feed two tuners.

Where as satellite uses both Horizontal and Vertical polarisation as well as high and low bands, giving four different frequency bands/modes i.e horizontal low, horizontal high,vertical low and vertical high.

Due to technical limitations, an LNB (part on the end of the dish arm that receives the reflected signals) can only output one band at any one time, meaning that if you was to split a single feed to two tuners,both tuners would be limited to only channels on the selected band.

So for example, if you were watching channel 4 (which is horizontally polarised) on one tuner, you then wouldn’t be able to record BBC HD (which is vertically polarised) on the other.

How many aerial cables do I need for Freeview + HD knowing that Freesat needs 2 to record one while watching another?

A single downlead can be used from the aerial, as mentioned before the DTT/Freeview signal can be split inside the tuner (Freeview recorder) to allow the recording of one channel while watching another.

How Do I Know What I Am Buying Is Authentic?

You should always check it is authentic by going a major electrical store or looking for a digital tick logo.

What guarantee will I get with IC Satellites & Aerials?

All work comes with a comprehensive 2 year guarantee covering parts & labour.