Aerials in Chesterfield Spring Time Deals.

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Satellite TV Repairs in Chesterfield Derbyshire.

Satellite TV Repairs in Chesterfield Derbyshire satellite dish repair took place on a chimney & property being a bungalow, so quite an easy Satellite TV Repair.

Intially satellite signal was checked in living room & no signal was found, cable was traced into loft space & eventually onto roof to affect the Satellite TV Repair.

Satellite signal was taken direct from dish & all connections were redone which proved to rectify the problem & Satellite TV Repair was completed.

This was a Sky freesat TV system, another words, a Sky box with no subscription. Customer was very satisfied & Derbyshire Trusted Trader feedback form was left.

Sky & Freeview installation in Kelstedge Derbyshire.

 Sky + HD & Freeview installation distribution system at Kelstedge, cabled discreetly into loft & supplying 5 rooms via a Sky & Freeview compatible splitter / amp, also using magic eyes in appropriate rooms ie.. master bedroom & kitchen.

    For neatness the satellite dish & high gain wideband aerial have been installed in the same location, very successful outcome.

  Weather as you can see was a lovely warm sunny summers day, makes a change for a dry summers day.

 Nice neat job, customer very satisfied, good install.