European Satellite install for Italian TV in Chesterfield Derbyshire.

European Satellite Install for Italian TV in Chesterfield Derbyshire.

Static European Satellite installation completed by IC Satellites & Aerials, for RAI, 1,2 & 3 using Hotbird 13E. Single cable install to a standard European satellite box, good signal strength & successful install completed by us.

Install comprises of 35cm cranked dish wall mount, 60cm pole mounted satellite dish & single universal lnb.

Weather was wet windy & in fact altogether horrid, glad to get home.

Last install before Christmas, IC Satellites & Aerials would like to wish all it’s customers a ‘Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year’.

Freeview TV in Chesterfield Derbyshire.

Aerial installation in Wingerworth, before IC Satellites & Aerials installed new aerial we made sure that the existing aerial was not doing what was intended by testing the signal levels. Cable was installed into loft space to existing amplifier distribution which in turn fed 3 rooms, study, bedroom & living room.

Customer contacted IC Satellites & Aerials through the Derbyshire Trusted Trader site & customer feedback form was left.

Weather today was absoultely freezing although warmed up during the day, soon be Christmas, Ho! Ho! Ho! everybody.

Aerial installation in Clay Cross Chesterfield Derbyshire.

High gain wideband aerial along with a 4 way masthead amplifier & with power supply (PSU)  installed behind television in living room, installation property was a bungalow in Clay Cross.

Discreetly cabled externally to 3 rooms, bedroom, kitchen diner & living room.

Heavy duty, 6 ft pole & 13″ galvanised chimney bracket & chimney lashing kit was used. Signal was more than sufficient for effective viewing.

Nice neat job, customer very satisfied, good install, this job generated an identical install across the road from this one.

Weather wasn’t too bad although quite cold making work slightly more difficult.

Sky & Freeview installation in Kelstedge Derbyshire.

 Sky + HD & Freeview installation distribution system at Kelstedge, cabled discreetly into loft & supplying 5 rooms via a Sky & Freeview compatible splitter / amp, also using magic eyes in appropriate rooms ie.. master bedroom & kitchen.

    For neatness the satellite dish & high gain wideband aerial have been installed in the same location, very successful outcome.

  Weather as you can see was a lovely warm sunny summers day, makes a change for a dry summers day.

 Nice neat job, customer very satisfied, good install.

IRS system in apartment building.

IC Satellites & Aerials not only install, service & repair domestic systems but we are also involved in both large & small commercial systems. Here is an example of work we have completed in an apartment building.

IRS (Integrated Reception System) has been installed to a 9 apartments, along with servicing 2 cinema rooms & a bar area.

A high gain aerial & 80cm satellite dish has been installed at a discreet location around the back of property, using the local TV transmitter. Working closely with the project manager & other trades to ensure the installation went as smooth as possible.

Digital Aerial Install & TV wall mount in Chesterfield Derbyshire.

Two point aerial system installed to a commercial premises in Chesterfield to supply a waiting room & canteen. Simple wideband aerial with strong signal complete with 2 way splitter to supply rooms.

IC Satellites & Aerials also mounted 2 televisions on walls in afore mentioned rooms & tuned in to Freeview using TV transmitter at Unstone.

Good clean tidy install, careful consultation with customer was adhered to ensure that the install was exactly what was agreed initially.

Weather was another cold but sunny day although clouded over later on.

Aerials in Ashover Derbyshire.

Wideband aerial installation in Ashover, Derbyshire. Single point aerial system, connecting to living room tunning in satisfactory with adequate reception & channels.

Nice simple installation but with a degree of difficulty as to attaching aerial to chimney, due to an extremely slippery roof & reaching around to place metal edge protector for lashing kit on far corner it was decided with all care & attention to use a 6″ galvanised wall bracket bolted to chimney, not the conventional method however, the safest & most effective for that installation.

Customer very saitisfied & clean tidy install, customer found IC Satellites & Aerials through Derbyshire Trusted Trader & feedback form was left.

Weather, wet & windy not ideal at all, in fact horrible.